Quk Cul Ventilator

Quick Calculation : Calculations to decide the number of TURBOVNETS. Determine the volume of the building in Cubic Meter : Volume of Section A = 0.5 x L x W x Ha (all dimensions in Meters) Volume of Section B = L x W x Hb (all dimensions in Meters) Total building Volume = Volume of Section A + Volume of Section B Note : For Factories, the combined Volume A + B should be used. Calculate the number of ventilators required : Metric = V x Ach EXc x 3.6 Where : V = Volume of builidng roof space Ach = Air changes per hour (refer ACH table) EXc = Exhaust capacity of ventilator (refer Exchaust Capacity table above)


Exchaust Capacity :

Wind VelocityTurbovent – 21 (Exchaust Capacity in litres per second)Turbovent – 24(Exchaust Capacity in litres per second)04 Kmh60070008 Kmh80092012 Kmh1300150018 Kmh1800208024 Kmh23002650


ACH Table :

Recommended Air Change Per HourCommercial PremisesACHIndustrial PromisesACHAssembly Rooms040411Boiler Rooms102511Bakeries 10 - 20Dye Works101511Banks030411Electroplating Shops102011Cafes and Coffee Bars101211Engine Rooms102511Canteens051011Factories and Workshops102011Cimenas and theatres050811Foundries102511Conference Rooms 8 - 12Laundries102011Dance Halls060811Paint Shops102011Entrance Halls 3 - 5Stores and Warehouses051011Garages060811Welding Shops102511Gymnasiums 6 - 12--Hair Dressing Salons 10 - 15--Hospital Sterilizing Wards 4 - 6--Commercial Kitchens 10 - 20--Laboratories 8 - 12--Launderettes15 - 25--Lavatories081511--Libraries030511--Offices040811--Photo and X-ray Dark Rooms 10 - 15--Recording studios 10 - 12--Restaurants 6- 10--School Rooms 2- 4--


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